2015 Pre- & Post-Conference Workshops

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Pre-Conference Workshops

November 14-16

PCIA Top Rope Climbing Instructor

Description: The majority of outdoor is bottom based top rope climbing. The Top Rope Climbing Instructor course provides an in depth and standardized understanding of the skills essential to teaching climbing in an outdoor setting.
Location: Off-site TBD
Pre-Requisites: You are currently at least age 18. The candidate must show an adequate experience level to the course provider illustrating that they are ready for the course. Examples include regular climbing for 2 - 3 years, a high intensity of climbing in the past few months, etc.
Cost: $425

November 14-17

PCIA Top Rope Climbing Course Provider Training  SOLD OUT

Description: Bring the PCIA to you. This course lays the foundation for becoming a PCIA Course provider for Top Rope or Single Pitch Climbing Instructor courses. The instructor provider is expected to provide state of the art education and to evaluate and decide about the readiness of instructor candidates to become certified climbing instructors.
Location: Off-site TBD
Pre-Requisites: The PCIA seeks providers who have significant experience teaching climbing, are well informed about climbing equipment and current techniques, are superb technicians and are patient, caring educators who continually strive to better their own knowledge and delivery methods. Ideal candidates have completed the PCIA or AMGA Single Pitch Course or AMGA Rock Instructor course or above.
Cost: $295 SOLD OUT

November 15-17

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course

Description: This course is designed for folks that either work and climb in a single pitch setting. It is the only nationally and internationally recognized single pitch climbing instructor certification program. In 2009 the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Program was recognized for meeting the "training standards" of the International Mountaineering and Climbing Federation (UIAA) and was granted the prestigious title of "Approved Association." This program is recognized by many land managers, insurance companies, other associations and of course the general public. The AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Program has been created to fit in the AMGA Rock Discipline training program. This course is taught by an AMGA Certified Rock Guide.
Location: A Single Pitch Climbing Site located within several hour drive of Atlanta. TBD 
Pre-Requisites: Current AMGA membership. Have a genuine interest in rock climbing and instructing novices on single pitch crags. Are at least 18 years old at the time of the course. Have at least 12 months prior climbing experience. Are an active climber with traditional lead climbing experience (leader placing pro). Have trad lead climbed a minimum of 15 graded rock climbing routes (any grade). Are capable of comfortably climbing 5.8 while on a top rope.
Cost: $650

Level 2: Essentials of SUP Instructor Certification Workshop

Description: Essentials of SUP Instructor Certification Workshop is the most comprehensive flatwater SUP instructor development and certification course. This course will cover both Level 1 and Level 2 instructor certifications. Instructor candidates who successfully pass this certification will be able to teach student to perform advanced maneuvers such as moving pivot turns, side slips, amount the more fundamental strokes and maneuvers.
Location: TBD
Pre-Requisites: Instructor candidates should posses the paddling skills, technical knowledge, rescue ability, teaching ability, group management, and interpersonal skills show in both the Level 1 and Level 2 SUP Instructor Criteria.
Cost: $375

November 16-17

ACA Adaptive Paddlesport Workshop

Description: At the core of the ACA Adaptive Program, Adaptive Paddling Workshops (APWs) provide the information necessary to seamlessly integrate individuals with physical disabilities into outdoor recreation programs in the context of paddlesports.
Location: Georgia 4 Room at Sheraton Atlanta Hotel and Off-site TBD
Pre-Requisites: Basic kayaking skills.
Cost: $400

AMGA Climbing Wall Instructor Course

Description: This is a 20 hour course offered over 2 days (10-10). This course is intended to certify professionals who teach in an indoor or artificial wall environment. It aims to increase the level of professionalism and to improve the level of climbing wall instruction, to develop a more consistent standard of care for climbing instructors, and to evaluate the skills of climbing instructors in the U.S.
Location: TBD
Pre-Requisites: Must be at least 18 years old. Must have at least one year documented personal climbing experience (a minimum of 20 outings climbing indoors and/or outdoors in the last 12 months). You are able to climb 5.9 on top rope and 5.8 for Lead Certification
Cost: $350

NOLS Administrative Risk Management Training  (additional information)

Description: Using lecture, discussion, exercises, and hands-on scenarios, this two-day training will provide a structured approach and the necessary tools to build a risk management plan appropriate for your organization. You will walk away with a detailed action plan designed to improve your curriculum, administrative process, staff hiring, field support services, and crisis planning.
Location: Georgia 5 Room at Sheraton Atlanta Hotel
Pre-Requisites: None
Cost: $675

PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor Certification

Description: The PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor Course provides instructors and potential instructors with a in depth and standardized understanding of the skills essential to teaching climbing in an indoor setting. It is the first step in a sequential approach to professional climbing instructor development. The course reinforces the importance of teaching technically accurate information and debunks many common climbing myths.
Location: Off-site TBD
Pre-Requisites: The candidate must show an adequate experience level to the course provider illustrating that he/she is ready for the course. Examples include periodic climbing for 2 - 3 years, a high intensity of climbing in the past few months, etc. Able to easily put on harness and tie in appropriately.
Cost: $220

PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor Course Provider Training

Description: The PCIA Climbing Wall Instructor Course Provider training program is designed to create a network of qualified instructors through the United States who can deliver high quality, economical courses to the many organizations that operate artificial climbing walls - college outdoor recreation and education programs, private climbing centers, challenge courses, camps and outdoor education centers with climbing wall programs.
Location: Off-site TBD
Pre-Requisites: Be a current member of PCIA and certified at least as a Climbing Wall Instructor by either the PCIA or the AMGA. Receive a recommendation from a professional instructor and at least two other peers - preferably PCIA or AMGA instructors.
Cost: $250

SOLO Wilderness First Aid 

Description: This 16-hour, 2-day entry-level course is the ideal certification for outdoor enthusiasts looking for basic first aid training and backcountry medical skills. Wilderness First Aid (WFA) covers topics ranging from preparation and prevention to assessment and treatment. Students will have an opportunity to learn practical skills through hands-on scenarios as well as in a traditional classroom setting. We will provide books and all training materials required for this course. The NOC/SOLO will arrange vehicle for transport to the facility if needed.
Location: Nantahala Outdoor Center, Cochran Shoals - Powers Island
Pre-Requisites: None
Cost: $150

SOLO Wilderness First Responder Recertification 

Description: Refresh your memory with our Wilderness First Responder Recertification Course. This intensive two-day course covers the standard WFR curriculum as well as new wilderness protocols. This course is designed for (and only offered to) students whose current WFR certification is due to expire. The WFR Recert is fast-paced, incorporating a traditional classroom session with hands-on practical skills scenarios to help you maintain the confidence to make critical medical decisions in a wilderness setting. Wilderness First Responder (WFR) is a three-year certification.
Location: Nantahala Outdoor Center, Cochran Shoals - Powers Island
Pre-Requisites: Must be currently certified WFR
Cost: $175

November 17

Adaptive Climbing - Making Your Climbing Program Accessible to People with Physical Disabilities

Description: This hands-on workshop will introduce attendees to the world of adaptive climbing. We will start with a overview of the Paradox Sports approach to climbing- including information on a variety of physical disabilities and common adaptations for climbing. We'll discuss strategies for making climbing facilities accessible to people with disabilities and the benefits of doing so. Participants will practice the application of various coaching strategies and technical systems that are integral to the successful facilitation of the adaptive climbing experience. We will also show that there truly are no limits to what adaptive climbers can achieve
Location: Georgia 6 Room at Sheraton Atlanta Hotel and Off-site TBD
Pre-Requisites: Basic climbing skills; experience toprope belaying, using harnesses, etc.
Cost: $50

Caving Adventure with GA Tech Outdoor Recreation - a day-long underground experience

Description: Exploring the world underground in the heart of TAG. The area underground where Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia (TAG) meet is like Swiss Cheese. Home to over 13,000 of known caves, this area is a perfect for outdoor recreation and education. Come join Outdoor Recreation Georgia Tech staff as we guide you through a famous cave. This trip is designed for beginners to learn about caving and enjoy a caving experience. This would be perfect for those that may live in an area with caves and want to learn how to add caving to their trips program. This is also a great trip for those that do not live an an area with caves and just want to explore and experience this unique environment. All caving gear and equipment provided. Transportation from conference hotel also provided. You just need to bring clothes that can get dirty (we will even launder then for you after the trip). More detailed information will be provided after registration. Water and Snacks provided. Meals are on your own. We will stop at a restaurant for dinner.
Location: Northwest Georgia near Trenton, GA. Pickup from Sheraton Atlanta Hotel at 7:30am. Return to hotel approximately 10:00pm
Pre-Requisites: None.
Cost: $65

Diversity and Inclusion Training for Outdoor Professionals

Description: This workshop will increase general diversity and inclusion competency among membership in the AORE through interactive activities that increase an awareness of self, understanding of others, understanding of marginalization and ability to practice inclusion in the AORE. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how their own background influences actions and perceptions, greater knowledge of the key concepts and forces of social power and diversity, and practical skills and tools for making outdoor programming more diverse and inclusive.
Location: Georgia 7 Room at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel
Pre-Requisites: A willingness to explore challenging topics.
Cost: $10

Maximizing Outdoor Adventure Opportunities on a Time Budget: programming for max effect when time is of the essence

Description: In our fast-paced world, making time for adventures can be tough for aspiring young professionals. Outdoor recreation may also be a scary prospect for certain cultural populations. This workshop is designed to expose the value and viability of the partial-day program. As outdoor professionals, we often strive to program for maximum effect, filling every viable hour of a weekend or break trip. By doing so, we are missing our mark for a potentially large part of our student population. Students in extremely demanding academic programs, non-traditionals, and students with little previous exposure to the outdoors may experience anxiety at the notion of spending a night or even full-day in the outdoors. The partial-day trip is a more palatable opportunity for these populations. Programs of this breadth may also serve as a primer for future willingness to become involved with a program. This program will simulate a part-day experience on the lovely Chattahoochee River in Atlanta, GA. All equipment, instruction, transportation from GSU, and lunch, will be provided.
Location: The "Metro Hooch," Chattahoochee River, Atlanta, GA. Inclement weather site: Sweetwater Creek State Park, Atlanta, GA
Pre-Requisites: None
Cost: $39

Outdoor Orientation Program Symposium

Description: The Outdoor Orientation Program Symposium (OOPS) brings program directors, school administrators, student leaders, researchers, and land managers in one place to discuss strategies for supporting students in wilderness pre-orientation programs. OOPS provides context for program development and growth, best practices, new program techniques, and nuts and bolts information that will help established and aspiring programs. Lunch will be provided.
Location: Georgia 8-10 Rooms at Sheraton Atlanta Hotel
Pre-Requisites: None.
Cost: $125 for Students and $185 for Professionals.

PCIA Top Rope Climbing Instructor Certification Examination

Description: Upon successful completion of the Top Rope Climbing Instructor course an individual may take a one day certification exam. A skill consolidation period after the course is recommend but not required. The examination is a one day field exam that evaluates both core technical skills and educational delivery.
Location: Off-site TBD
Pre-Requisites: Candidate must have completed the PCIA Top Rope Climbing Instructor- course or, Candidate must have completed the AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course. Challenges: Experienced providers who can provide evidence of formalized instruction in climbing management and significant field experience are allowed one attempt to challenge the exam. Contact the PCIA for resume review.
Cost: $125

Post-Conference Workshops

November 21-22

AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Exam

Description: The SPI Assessment is two days in length (minimum of 16 hours assessment time) and will take place at a single-pitch climbing area where there is a selection of traditional lead routes in the 5.6 range and top roping routes in the 5.8 range. The assessment will examine all aspects of institutional single-pitch climbing that the Single Pitch instructor may encounter. Day one will look at climbing movement and all aspects of technical systems, from anchoring and assistance skills to general climbing competence. On day two, we will arrange for volunteer novice clients (non-paying) in order for the candidates to be able to instruct in a group setting. This is a great benefit to the assessment process as the examiner can see candidates interact with real novice climbers and the examinees do not have to -pretend- to teach novice climbers who are actually other examines on the assessment.
Location: Single Pitch Climbing Site located within several hour drive of Atlanta. TBD
Pre-Requisites: You are a current AMGA Member. You have successfully completed an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course or AMGA Top Ripe Site Manager Course. You have trad lead climbed a minimum of 40 rock climbing routes. A large number of these should be at 5.6 grade and hopefully on a variety of rock types. You are capable of comfortably lead climbing 5.6 traditional routes (leader placing protection). You will demonstrate your leading ability on a variety of routes on the assessment. You are comfortable climbing 5.8 while on a top rope.
Cost: $450

Additional Conference Events and Activities

November 4

What to Expect as a First Time Attendee - Tips & Tricks Webinar

Description: Learn how to maximize your conference experience by learning more about the conference app, national office onsite hours, and events onsite. We'll even go over what to bring, designing your own agenda, networking, and getting involved after the conference wraps up.
Location: Webinar
Pre-Requisites: None
Cost: Free


*You must register for pre/post conference events through the 2015 AORE Conference Registration, you do not have to register for the entire conference in order to register for the pre/post workshop events.