Volunteer Opportunities

Consistent with the strategic direction of AORE, volunteers and employees are considered to be partners in implementing the organization’s mission and programs; volunteers and employees have equal and complementary roles to play. Volunteers are key to AORE’s success and its advancement of the mission, as they contribute a wide variety of perspectives, engagement, action, and passion.

Volunteering can be a way to contribute and expand your skills, knowledge, and networks. Volunteering also allows you to make a lasting and meaningful impact. Volunteers:


Volunteerism comes in different shapes and sizes. AORE has specific projects, focused task forces, and positions with longer time commitments. Some opportunities can be accomplished through individuals, and other efforts require group work. Some opportunities include the need to engage thought leaders who are not practicing professionals but who bring a unique expertise and perspective to advance our mission.

Volunteer Opportunities


AORE Specific Projects: Members who want to support the association have a couple of ways they can provide their skills, experience, and time. There are three different categories of specific projects:

  1. A specific initiative: For example, the “AORE Membership Initiative” is a project that uses volunteers to identify potential members. Volunteers input information into a database to expand and diversify our network.

  2. Specific project to completion: These are projects that are coordinated between a volunteer’s interest and AORE’s needs. For example: creating an AORE promotional video.

  3. Monthly projects: These projects need small amounts of time, between 1 and 3 hours a month, but need to be completed consistently. For example: reviewing reports and cleaning databases, curating member profiles, and updating resources.

Task Forces: Task forces are working groups composed of current association members in good standing or designated individuals committed to a specific, time-bound task assigned by the board of directors. Task force members are selected on the demonstrated skills and expertise as defined in the specific task force position description.

Conference Action Teams: Interested volunteers from all over the country join forces to bring the AORE Annual Conference together each year. We are always looking for eager and passionate individuals who want to have a role in the largest face-to-face event AORE offers. 

Committees: Committees work toward providing the AORE membership with a variety of important opportunities and information relevant to the field of outdoor recreation and education. Committees have responsibilities (such as annual and standing projects) that aim to move the association toward its goals. Committees are advisory committees to the board of directors and provide advice and recommendations based on their area of expertise.

Board of Directors (BOD): The BOD serves at the pleasure of the members, and the board members are elected by AORE’s eligible voting members. Members of the BOD have a legal duty to be loyal and to act responsibly and in the best interest of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education. In addition the BOD does fundraising, sets the strategic direction, and creates policy.

AORE also has many informal volunteer opportunities, including:

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