​​AORE - AEE Conference 2019 | Learning Expedition: A prescription for better health and wellness


The goals of the AORE - AEE 2019 Conference include broadening collaboration within the fields of experiential education and outdoor recreation, creating higher-quality educational opportunities, building professional skills and knowledge, strengthening professionalism within their memberships, broadening networking opportunities, leveraging both communities in advocacy and public policy efforts, and raising awareness of the value and impact of experiential education and outdoor education.

Those attending the conference include practitioners, instructors, program administrators, military personnel and clinicians in both the outdoor and recreation industry and the experiential education industry. Participants will find the conference is the year's most important event for career development. For several days in mid-November, we will come together to share ideas, learn new techniques and re-energize for another year. The AORE - AEE Conference is the gathering of friends and colleagues, a place to improve performance and meet new people in your field.

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Conference Programming

Each year, the conference changes bit by bit to meet the needs of our members and the industry as a whole. We provide a handful of standard programming options and sessions in addition to unique opportunities each year. Our selection of keynote speakers and education session topics comes from the most qualified, relevant, and timely presentations submitted. Below is a glimpse of some of the types of programming you can expect to see at the 2019 conference. Our call for presentations is expected to go live by the end of February - please check back soon!

Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops

From half-day to multi-day options, our pre- and post-conference workshops give attendees a one-stop shop for industry training and certification renewals, certainly adding to the many perks of attending the conference.

General Conference Education Sessions

Between general education breakout sessions, shorter "snap" education sessions and longer deep dive sessions, we are excited to be able to offer an extensive selection of valuable content and experiences for attendees. Watch for our call for presentations in February and a final schedule as we get closer to the conference.

Exhibitor Hall

Situated in the heart of it all, our Exhibitor Hall is packed with equipment outfitters, training companies, guiding companies and more--all there to network with attendees. This gives our attendees the opportunity to ask questions, compare price points and use that information to negotiate and leverage opportunities during face-to-face meetings.

Activate - Opening Session

AEE is excited to bring their Activate program, TEDx-style presentations, to the 2019 conference. What better way to kick off an event then to hear powerful stories from the field, from your colleagues, about their own expeditions at work and in life that have led them or those around them to better health and wellness?!


At the CareerHQ, attendees can browse graduate assistantship, internship, full-time position and summer position announcements from organizations and programs across the country. Attendees are welcome to drop off their resumes for potential employers to pick up ad sign-up for one-on-one mock interviews and resume review sessions.

Collaborate / Affinity Sessions

Sometimes a more informal discussion session with like-minded colleagues or those experiencing similar challenges, become the most memorable parts of a conference. AORE and AEE are bringing together these facilitated discussion sessions to serve that very purpose and we're looking forward to sharing our finalized list of topics as we approach the conference.

Research Symposium / SEER

The Research Symposium strives to connect academics and practitioners of the outdoor and recreation field. The symposium provides an international forum for scholarly exchange and discussion about outdoor recreation and education research, theoretical and applied and creates an amazing opportunity to bridge research and practice.

Poster Presentations