Help AORE Be Successful

Unrestricted donations are critical for AORE’s continued success. Funding of this nature allows us to invest in organizational health and encourage growth—from adopting new best practices, identifying new skillsets and perspectives to seek out in future board candidates; and streamlining association governance. We’re also able to advocate for critical industry issues through research, advancing diverse perspectives, and strengthening connection and communication between national practitioners. Donors are also helping us to establish endowed funds to increase access to industry-specific learning and development opportunities for professionals and students.

How To Give to AORE?

Whether you want to give once or setup a recurring donation, we invite you to use the form below (or click here) to donate to AORE's Fund for Student and Professional Development. This process accepts credit card, bank account and Apple pay!

Want to TEXT to DONATE? Text the code "AORE1" to 44-321 (or click here from a mobile device).

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If you're looking for a different funding alignment, follow the links below for one-time or recurring donations as well as personal fundraising options:

Restricted Giving

Outdoor Professional Conference - Scholarship Fund



Why Support AORE?

Why support AORE’s development efforts?

  • Fundraising will help AORE plan.
  • Fundraising makes AORE see where it is vulnerable.
  • Fundraising will help AORE work as a team and align goals.
  • Fundraising will make AORE prioritize projects.
  • Fundraising will make AORE branch out and broadcast.
  • Fundraising will help AORE evaluate.
  • Fundraising will improve AOREs sustainability.


Your tax deductible donation supports:

  • Opportunities for members to exchange information, build experience, and address common issues faced in the outdoor field.
  • Student and professional development opportunities and scholarships highlighted in our 2016 Impact Report.
  • Research projects related to outdoor recreation and education.
  • Our mission to further outdoor recreation and education by providing the most comprehensive service to our membership.


Viristar's Risk Management for Outdoor Programs

2024 Virginia Adventure Education Conference (VAAEC)

Prescott College Graduate School Open House


Development Progress

as of 01.04.24

AORE Development Fundraising Progress Thermometer

In the past few years, AORE members have worked together to raise:

  • $7,590.81 in 2023,
  • $11,124.02 in 2022,
  • $7,820.58 in 2021,
  • $7,133.47 in 2020,
  • $10,358.71 in 2019,
  • $12,167.58 in 2018,
  • $6,361.25 in 2017!


Thank You to our Donors!

Donors are listed alphabetically.

Ambassadors - $10,000

  • Patsy Kott
  • Abigail Rowe
  • Anonymous

Leader - $5,000

  • Sasha Griffith

Advocate - $2,500

  • Matthew Marcus
  • Jeannette Stawski
  • Tim Moore
  • Russell Watts

Sustainer - $1,000

  • Tom Adams
  • Mitch Hoffman
  • Evan Bollig
  • Bryan Karban
  • Mackenzie Brady
  • Jason Kurten
  • Mike Doyle
  • George Mallin
  • Karen Dyer
  • Genevieve Marchand
  • Kellie Gerbers
  • Heather Martin
  • Jason Gosch
  • Eric Neumann
  • Kent Grier
  • Jeremy Oyen
  • Todd Grier
  • Paul Sanford
  • Sarah Harper Burke
  • Jenn Velie
  • Gregory Hawkins
  • Jim Wall
  • Karel Hilversum

Friend - $500

  • Elizabeth Andre
  • Amie Hutchison
  • Todd Bauch
  • Steven Koster
  • Nathanael Bondi
  • Rodney Ley
  • Christopher Bullard
  • Tim Mertz
  • Silvia Chan
  • Dave Myers
  • Colmore Christian
  • Bill Pierce
  • Brad Daniel
  • Amanda Preperato
  • Guy deBrun
  • Erin Rausch
  • Paul Dreyer
  • Brian Shirley
  • Austin Dyer
  • Margie Silverstein
  • Taylor Freeman
  • Daniel Swan
  • Lance Haynie