Access and Permitting

AORE is dedicated to ensuring that we continue to have reasonable access to public lands and waterways in order to provide the "outdoor" component that our programs rely upon for educational and recreational missions.

The AORE Access and Permitting Committee have created a Member Toolkit to aid both new and experienced members in the area of access to federal lands, which almost always requires a permit. Members can access these resources in the member's only File Library.


To access this great resource follow these steps:
1. Login to the Members area
2. Click on the Resources Tab in the Members area Features below your login information
3. Click on the File Archive Tab
4. Locate and click on the Access and Permitting Toolkit

Best Practices for Responsible Access: We practice Leave No Trace, why not responsible access to public lands as well? These best practices outline how your program can utilize public lands responsibly. >> Join or login to view.

Asking for Access: First-time permit seeker or confused by what you’re supposed to do? This document provides some tips for how to approach land management agencies. >> Join or login to view.

Permitting Glossary: This document provides a list of terms and definitions commonly used in content related to access, permitting, and public land management. >> Join or login to view.

Permitting Database: This crowd-sourced database provides information regarding specific permits (not the permits themselves), as submitted by AORE members.  >> Click here to view.

Outdoor Access Working Group’s White Paper: The OAWG, of which AORE is a member, is a group formed in 2014 to address recreation industry-wide issues surrounding facilitated access on federal public lands. Read their White Paper to learn more about their members, goals, and focus. >> Join or login to view.

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