WHAT IT IS:  A multi-day virtual summit centered on increasing inclusive practices in regard to Wilderness Medicine, Climbing, and Workplace Culture.

WHEN IT IS:  November 2nd-4th, 2021 | 11 AM - 4 PM ET; 10 AM - 3 PM CT; 9 AM - 2 PM MT; 8 AM - 1 PM PT

WHO IS IT FOR:  People who facilitate outdoor recreation and education programs.  If you guide, train or encourage people to get outdoors, this Summit is designed for YOU!

WHY ARE WE DOING IT:  AORE is hosting this three day summit to provide attendees with a wider recognition of exclusionary practices within outdoor recreation and education and to help them gain better understanding of how they can actively work to make change as leaders in the industry.  

WHERE IT WILL BE:  Online through Zoom!  We strongly recommend that attendees treat this professional development opportunity like they are participating at an in-person event by prioritizing the time for participation and by reducing distractions.

This agenda is tentative, as sessions are confirmed this agenda will be updated. 

Please note that times listed below are in the Eastern Time Zone.

Tuesday, November 2nd


11-11:05 AMAORE Welcome
11:05-11:20 AM
In Through the Out Door
Presented by Jessica Evans-Hall, MD with University of New Mexico
Focusing on where we have been and where we are going with inclusivity in the realm of medicine. 
11:25-11:40 AMAdvocacy Session - Details Coming Soon!
11:40 AM - 12 PMInformal Networking/Break
12-12:25 PMProfessional Development Session - Details Coming Soon!
12:25-12:35 PMBREAK
12:35-1 PMProfessional Development Session - Details Coming Soon!
1-1:05 PMBREAK
1:05-1:30 PMProfessional Development Session - Details Coming Soon!
1:30-1:35 PM BREAK
1:35-2 PM
Gender Inclusive Wilderness Medicine
Presented by Colleen McHugh, City Kids Wilderness Project
A short discussion and tool share of gender inclusive practices in wilderness medicine practice and important considerations for the wilderness medicine training classroom.
2-3 PM


  1. Important considerations when teaching and/or learning wilderness medicine when English is not your first language. Conversation Host: Jose Gonzalez, NOLS and California State University Northridge
  2. Is there a need for alternate (adaptive) medical (WFA, WAFA, or WFR) certification? What might this look like? Conversation Host: Paul Nicolazzo, Wilderness Medicine Training Center International
  3. Does wilderness medicine serve the outdoor industry effectively - how or how not? Conversation Host: Abby Rowe, Wilderness Medical Associates
3-3:55 PM
Career & Training Opportunities in Wilderness Medicine 
Presented by Tod Schimelpfenig, NOLS Wilderness Medicine & David Johnson, Wilderness Medical Associates International
Experienced practitioners and educators share their memories of the history of wilderness medicine and thoughts on career and training opportunities in that field. 
3-3:55 PM
Do you need a Paramedic with Outdoor Leadership Experience on that Trip? One Practitioner‘s Career Path in Wilderness and Remote Medicine
Presented by Julie Anderson, Wilderness Medical Associates
More than a recanting of a resume or CV (but not quite an allegory), this session will highlight how opportunities, perspective, humility, eagerness, and curiosity helped form a career in the niche intersection of medical care, remoteness, and outdoor leadership. The story starts in the southeast United States and travels to Arctic Alaska and around the world. Through this, we will discuss ideas of cultural competency versus cultural capability, leadership and followership, what it means to be mentored and be a mentor, and maybe a little bit about imposter syndrome.
3:55-4 PMAORE Closing

Wednesday, November 3rd


11-11:05 AMAORE Welcome
11:05-11:20 AM
State of Inclusivity in Climbing
Presented by Mitsu Iwasaki, American Alpine Club 
A point of view on diversity and inclusion, past and present, in American climbing. 
11:25-11:40 AM
The Crux to my Climb Shouldn't’t be Getting to the Site
Presented by Ty Wiberg, Student at Montana State University
Creating access to a sport so that everyone can enjoy all the natural wonders.
11:40 AM - 12 PMInformal Networking/Break
12-12:25 PM
Leading vs. Managing:  How to Get the Most Out of Your Team
Presented by Paula Horwitz, Climbing Wall Association
No matter the size of your team or the depth of projects, understanding how to lead and when to manage is vital to the health of your team and the success of your organization‘s goals and objectives.  Join for an enlightening discussion on the key differences between leading versus managing and walk away with a new perspective on how to engage with your team.
12:25-12:35 PMBREAK
12:35-1 PM
Adaptive Climbing: Concrete Considerations for Building Accessible Climbing Communities
Presented by Dom Pascariello, Paradox Sports
We will review adaptive climbing best practices for your gym or facility; including facility preparation, importance of having staff trained in adaptive etiquette and skills and introduce the adaptive climbing initiative curriculum.

1-1:05 PMBREAK
1:05-1:30 PM
Climbing Jargon: Semantics and its Importance for a Broader Instructional Reach
Presented by Lucas Kramer, University of Minnesota Duluth
Climbing jargon can be fun, functional, and well, fitting. It can also introduce impediments to the learning process when used blindly and unquestioningly. This presentation will focus in on some of the most commonly used jargon in the climbing community and how as an instructor, practicing critical word choice may set us and our current/future students up for success. Specific attention will be given to commonly used terms that may be derogatory or otherwise have undesirable impacts that may be less commonly known.   
1:30-1:35 PM BREAK
1:35-2 PMProfessional Development Session - Details Coming Soon!
2-3 PMNetworking Break Out Rooms - Details Coming Soon!
3-3:55 PM
Influencing Culture Through Certification
Presented by Garnet Moore, Climbing Wall Association
When you learn to climb you have to know more than how to get up a wall. And, when you teach someone to climb you have to teach more than how to belay. And, when you teach someone how to teach someone to climb you have to teach even more than that.
The CWA has been hard at work reimagining its Climbing Wall Instructor certification to answer some of the hard questions about how to provide better training while advancing the sport of climbing. The new CWI program aims to increase the professionalism of all instructors and clearly communicate the joys of risk management to new climbers.
3-3:55 PMCareer Advancement Session - Details Coming Soon!
3:55-4 PMAORE Closing

Thursday, November 4th


11-11:05 AMAORE Welcome
11:05-11:20 AM
Breaking Auto-Pilot: Making Work More Equitable, Effective, and Enjoyable
Presented by Hannah Malvin, Hannah Malvin Coaching & Consulting LLC
Hannah will frame opportunities to make workplace culture more equitable, effective, and enjoyable, rooted in 10 years of community organizing, 5 years of leading equity initiatives in the environmental sector, and a certification in positive psychology, the scientific study of wellbeing. This presentation will set the tone for a day of reflection and reimagining of how we do our work and how to help cultivate growth, vitality, and life satisfaction along the way.

11:25-11:40 AM
Reinventing Workplace Culture - Seeing the World Through the Lens of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
Presented by Rachel Hailey, Rachel Hailey & Associates Consulting
Diversity, equity, & inclusion is culture work."- A call to action for DEI as a driver in workplace culture.
11:40 AM - 12 PMInformal Networking/Break
12-1:45 PM
Apex Beta - Action Steps to Foster Welcoming & Belonging
Presented by Rachel Hailey, Rachel Hailey & Associates Consulting
In this session, participants will learn the principles of creating a learning culture, basic bystander intervention techniques, and practices for discovering and eradicating biases both personally and within the workplace.
1:45-2 PMBREAK
2-3 PM
So What/Now What Breakout Sessions
In this session, participants will be in breakout sessions with facilitation questions which will create new action steps and accountability measures to immediately foster diversity and workplace culture within your organization.
3-3:30 PMCareer Advancement Session - Details Coming Soon!
3:30-3:35 PMAORE Closing
3:35-4 PMCareer Advancement Break Out Rooms - Details Coming Soon!

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Julie Anderson

Wilderness Medical Associates

Julie lives in Haines, Alaska with her husband and two dogs. Her biography spans concurrent experiences in prehospital and remote medicine and outdoor leadership. The intersectionality of wilderness medicine suits her interests well; she began teaching for Wilderness Medical Associates in 2002 and continues to teach for them internationally. Julie has been a career paramedic since 1997, including three years as a Flight Medic in Northwest Alaska and Southeast Alaska. She transitioned to a role of Flight Nurse in 2013 and has since worked with Airlift Northwest in Juneau. Julie also works as a Rural Registered Nurse and volunteers as a Paramedic and EMS Director for Haines Volunteer Fire Department.  She teaches custom remote medical and EMS courses for high-reliability organizations and remote clinical sites throughout Alaska. Her outdoor leadership resume includes day and expedition leadership and safety staff, challenge course facilitation, youth and adult program leadership, and risk management consulting. She was privileged to serve on the AORE Board of Directors from 2005-2007.

Jessica Evans-Hall

MD, University of New Mexico

Jess is in her final year of residency training in Emergency Medicine at the University of  New Mexico. She came to medicine through a circuitous path that included over a  decade of commercial guiding on rivers in Idaho and Arizona. She has been teaching  Wilderness Medicine courses for the since 2013, and continues to feel inspired in  teaching out of hospital medicine. Her goal is to specialize in rural Emergency care and  pre-hospital systems. 

José H. González

NOLS and California State University Northridge

Dr. José H. González is an assistant professor at California State University Northridge. He is a Boricua, born and raised in Puerto Rico. José started his outdoor education professional career in the 90's working for major organizations including Hurricane Island Outward Bound School, Thompson Island Outward Bound Center, Sail Caribbean, Dartmouth College Outdoor Programs, Plymouth State University, SDSU Mission Bay Aquatic Center and NOLS. At NOLS, José teaches Wilderness Medicine and Risk Management for Administrator courses.

Rachel Hailey

Rachel Hailey & Associates Consulting

Rachel is the Owner/Transformationalist at Rachel Hailey & Associates Consulting, a firm which deals directly with the outdoor industry to foster DEI in organizations. Her main objective is to transform the outdoor industry into a diverse, equitable, inclusive and accessible space. Rachel is committed to creating an industry where anyone can experience, thrive, and lead in the out of doors no matter their circumstances, and has a focus on underserved and underrepresented communities. She has served and inspired over 100 organizations in the creation of actionable systems aligned with creating diversity, equity, and inclusion in outdoor spaces. She is a frequent writer for industry publications like Adventure Park Insider and Ski Area Magazine, and has given talks on DEI & Social Justice on international platforms. Outside of her endeavor to bridge the gap between racial and ethnic diversity in the outdoors and social justice, Rachel can be found magical creatures in the woods with her daughter and German Shepherd.

Paula Horwitz

Climbing Wall Association

Paula serves as the Executive Director with the CWA, partnering with the board of directors to strategically meet the needs of the indoor climbing industry.  With over 15 years in management and executive leadership, Paula has built and lead diverse teams on the grounding principles of building strong relationships, respect, and individualized support.  As an E.Q. 2.0/360 certified coach, Paula aims to build awareness and value of the role emotional intelligence plays in team dynamics and organizational success at all levels.

Mitsu Iwasaki

American Alpine Club

Mitsu Iwasaki is Chief Executive Officer at the American Alpine Club. He was born near Tokyo, Japan and immigrated to Seattle, Washington at the age of 6. Spending his teen years in Alaska working on commercial fishing boats sparked an enduring love for adventure and exploration of both the natural world and his impulse to see what’s possible. The natural extension of this love was a decade well-spent living out of a van climbing, boating, and skiing across the American West. After selling his van, Mitsu led the operations of Big City Mountaineers, as Executive Director of Northwest Outward Bound School, and Executive Director of the Mazamas before settling into his role at the American Alpine Club.

Mitsu is fueled by memories, love for people, and life-long adventure partners and when he is not behind a desk, he can be found running, climbing, and skiing throughout our wild places.

David Johnson

Wilderness Medical Associates International

David Johnson has participated in a variety of outdoor pursuits over a lifetime.  His background includes over 40 years of medical practice (retired), wilderness travel, consulting, curriculum development, and teaching focused on remote and low-resource environments around the world.  He currently serves as the medical director of Wilderness Medical Associates International. 

Lucas Kramer

University of Minnesota Duluth

Lucas Kramer (He/Him) is the climbing coordinator at the University of Minnesota Duluth. In his work, he focuses strongly on climbing instructor training and development. He is a board member of the Minnesota Climbers Association as well as a founding member and first president of the Duluth Climbers Coalition. His instruction is founded in a style that encourages engagement, intentional critical thought processes, and inclusiveness while valuing each individual’s dignity.

Hannah Malvin

Hannah Malvin Coaching & Consulting LLC

Hannah is a coach and consultant dedicated to making work more equitable, effective, and enjoyable with over a decade of experience working in Congress, nonprofits, community organizing, and consulting. She has delivered equity trainings at NASA, Amazon, NOAA, Fidelity, and more. Hannah serves as project manager for The Bridge Project, a new public-private partnership and equitable hiring pathway for the environmental sector focused on people of color and underrepresented communities founded by Greening Youth Foundation and Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards. She is Founder and Director of Pride Outside, the main hub for LGBTQ outdoor inclusion initiatives with Congress, federal agencies, and conservation nonprofits. She served as Senior Representative for Partnerships at The Wilderness Society, leading a strategic planning initiative to root relationships in equity by designing new systems of staff learning, knowledge sharing, and coordination. She was Legislative Assistant to Congressman Mike Doyle, covering health, foreign affairs, immigration, and more, and was Staff Director of the Congressional Autism Caucus. She is Vice Chair of the Southern Appalachian Wilderness Stewards Board of Directors. Hannah has a BA in Political Science from Brown University and certifications in coaching and applied positive psychology from The Flourishing Center.

Colleen McHugh

City Kids Wilderness Project

Colleen McHugh is the Director of Programs for City Kids Wilderness Project, serving as an organizational leader in program management, staff training, risk management, and curriculum development. She is also a Wilderness EMT and teaches wilderness medicine for NOLS. 

Garnet Moore 

Climbing Wall Association

Garnet Moore is the Director of Operations at the Climbing Wall Association. Garnet brings more than a decade of experience in the climbing industry, serving gyms, manufacturers, and many climbing friends and partners.

Paul Nicolazzo

Wilderness Medicine Training Center International

Paul is the Director of the Wilderness Medicine Training Center International and part of the Wilderness Medicine Education Collaborative (WMEC). He began his outdoor career in 1978 as a river and climbing guide. In subsequent years he worked for numerous outfitters including 22 years with Outward Bound as an instructor, course director, staff trainer, and program director. He has numerous first descents by kayak, canoe, and ski—and a few first ascents of chossy climbing routes that no one in their right mind should ever repeat—in his resume. He is the author of numerous books and articles on wilderness medicine and outdoor program risk management.

Dom Pascariello

Paradox Sports

Dom was first introduced to climbing while working at a YMCA during high school. Running programming on the high ropes course, and basalt crags of aptly named Camp Sloper, he became hooked on the adventure of climbing. His experience on rock, and within the industry developed as he sought a business degree at University and worked at the local climbing gym, City Climb in New Haven. From there, Dom has worked the past 4 years managing and assisting in the development of climbing facilities in Boston, Providence, and Denver areas.

A Paradox Adaptive Climbing Initiative course in 2015 opened a new realm of opportunity to share his passion for climbing. Since then, he has been working with climbers and facilitators to better the industry’s standards in regards to Adaptive Climbing. In 2018 Dom joined the Paradox team as the Front Range Climbing Club Coordinator and Program Lead for Adaptive Climbing Initiative courses. Dom is certified as a CWI provider through the Climbing Wall association, and an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor. When Dom is not climbing or traveling, he is trail running with his dog Louie who you may see around the office, or your next local program.

Abby Rowe

Wilderness Medical Associates

Abby is the President of Wilderness Medical Associates. Abby is committed to continuing the company‘s mission of providing high-quality curriculum and programming. She is passionate about program and curriculum design, the inclusivity and accessibility of wilderness medicine, place-based education, the transformational power of wilderness experiences, and the power of offering peer leadership experiences.

As a lifelong educator, she has over twenty years of experience leading domestic and international expeditions and teaching outdoor leadership and technical skills. Prior to serving as the President of Wilderness Medical Associates, Abby was an instructor and Course Director for Hurricane Island Outward Bound and served as the Director of Colgate University Outdoor Education for 10 years. During her time at Colgate, Abby served on the Board of Directors for the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE).

Abby lives with her partner on Mount Desert Island in Maine where she also works as an Advanced EMT, volunteers for Search and Rescue, and occasionally moonlights as a rock-climbing guide.  

Abby holds a BS from Cornell University and an MA in Higher Education from Boston College.

Tod Schimelpfenig 

NOLS Wilderness Medicine

Tod Schimelpfenig retired as the Curriculum Director for NOLS Wilderness Medicine in April 2021 after a 48 year career in wilderness education, risk management, EMS and Search and Rescue. He continues to work occasionally as NOLS faculty.  

Tod began work as a NOLS Field Instructor in 1973 and in emergency medical services in1974. He served as the NOLS Risk Management Director for eight years, the NOLS Rocky Mountain Director for six years, and three years on the board of directors of the Wilderness Medical Society, where he has twice received the WMS Warren Bowman Award for his contributions to the field of wilderness medicine. Tod is a founder of the Wilderness Risk Manager‘s Committee, has spoken at conferences on pre-hospital and wilderness medicine, has taught wilderness medicine around the world and has received the Charles (Reb) Gregg Award for his contributions to wilderness risk management. He has written numerous articles on educational program, risk management and wilderness medicine topics, and currently reviews articles for the Journal of Wilderness and Environmental Medicine. Additionally, he is the author of NOLS Wilderness Medicine and co-author of Risk Management for Outdoor Leaders.

Ty Wiberg

Montana State University

Ty grew up in Chippewa Falls, WI.  His family has been very active his entire life. Ty was introduced to climbing at a young age by his dad. He enjoys bouldering the most and is always trying to challenge himself. Ty is currently a Sophomore at Montana State University studying Exercise Science.