The CareerHQ is the hub for all things student and career development related. It’s staffed Wednesday through Thursday to answer questions, sign people up for resume reviews and mock interviews, and take in resumes for job postings. Swing by to hear about all the awesome opportunities for students and career development at the conference. Find out more about what's happening in the CareerHQ below.

Resume Reviews and Mock Interviews
On the hunt for a new job? Need some help with an "outdoor" resume?  Bring in your resume and sign up for a time to have it reviewed at the conference!  Sign up to go through a mock interview and receive feedback on how you did and ways to improve.  First come, first served - so sign up early! 

Get engaged with AORE this year through participating in the Student Passport.  Collect signatures from various people, places, and programs throughout the conference.  On the last day of the conference drop it off at the CareerHQ to be entered in to a raffle for great outdoor gear.

Job Postings
Each year the CareerHQ receives a fresh batch of new job postings.  These range from internships to graduate assistantships, season work to full time positions.  Stop by to peruse and drop off your resume for your next potential employer.  Apply to have your job posting included in CareerHQ.

Employer Presentations
Employer presentations bring the employer and potential employees together to learn more about each other.  These shortened presentations are a great opportunity to connect with potential employers and put a name with a face. 

Wednesday, October 24th | Red Pine/White Pine

Student Networking Lunch
Meet in Superior Lobby & Eagle’s Nest
Wednesday, October 24th | 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM
The preeminent student and professional networking event. Meet up on site at the designated location to get paired up with a professional. They pay for your lunch and you get to chat about their path, where you are, and how to get where you want to be.

Student Social
Wednesday, October 24th | 8:00 PM – 10:00 PM | Snowbird - Eagle's Nest/Golden Cliff
Start out on the right foot by coming to the Student Social. Meet other students, eat some free food, and hear about all the exciting opportunities at the conference