AORE - AEE Conference 2019 | Learning Expedition: A prescription for better health and wellness


The CareerHQ is the hub for all things student and career development related. Its staffed Wednesday and Thursday to answer questions, sign people up for mock interviews, and take in resumes for job postings. Swing by to hear about all the awesome opportunities for students and career development at the conference. Find out more about what's happening in the CareerHQ below.

Mock Interviews
Thursday, November 14th | 8 AM - 530 PM | Room 201ABC

On the hunt for a new job? Sign up onsite to go through a mock interview and receive feedback on how you did and ways to improve.  First come, first served - so sign up early! 

Job Postings

Thursday, November 14th | 8 AM - 530 PM | Room 201ABC
Each year the CareerHQ receives a fresh batch of new job postings.  These range from internships to graduate assistantships, season work to full time positions.  Stop by to peruse and drop off your resume for your next potential employer.

Career Fair
Wednesday, November 13th | 1015 AM - 445 PM | Room 201AB
Employers please join us for the First Annual Conference Career Fair.  This is an opportunity for meet and greets with job seekers at the conference.  Each employer will be assigned a small table space to showcase your current and future job openings. As job seekers walk around the room you will have the opportunity to connect with them face to face and share what your organization has to offer.  A representative from your organization must be present at your table during your assigned time. 

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