Emerging Leaders Program

To further the goal of advancing professionals and students in outdoor recreation and education, the emerging leader program will provide participants an inclusive environment to exchange information, network, and address critical issues in the outdoor field.


Hear what the ELP Class of 2017 had to say about the 2017 Conference:



We looked for individuals representing and/or serving underserved populations, who have shown a commitment to the field of outdoor recreation, with a focus on conservation or diversity, equity, and inclusion. These “emerging leaders” are individuals who can broaden the impact of their efforts through additional training and connections built within AORE and its partners. They are positioned to increase access and/or advocacy for public lands. Preferred applicants are in their twenties, have a Bachelor's Degree in a relevant field, and either holding a job in the field or pursuing a related graduate degree.


Create and pilot the AORE Emerging Leader Program to:


Individuals who participate in the Emerging Leaders Program will:



Emerging Leaders will:

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Questions should be directed to Jeannette Stawski at jstawski@aore.org