Environmental Stewardship

AORE is committed to promoting ecologically sound stewardship of the natural environment both internally and externally.


The AORE Environmental Stewardship Committee provides advice and recommendations to the AORE Board of Directors on matters relating to environmental stewardship. This includes making AORE and its member programs operate in a more environmentally sensitive way and advocating on environmentally-related public policy issues that affect the operations of AORE member programs. Read more in the AORE Environmental Stewardship Statement.



Join AORE and the Environmental Stewardship Committee in supporting National Public Lands Day! Celebrate the connection between people and green space in our communities by inspiring environmental stewardship, and encouraging the use of open space for education, recreation, and health benefits. Individuals, programs and organizations can join this effort by encouraging or planning a trash pick up, connecting with local public land agencies to plan a trail maintenance activity, plant a tree, or get involved in any creative way you or your program are able. Find more information here and sign up for reminders.

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) is the nation’s leading organization in lifelong environmental learning, creating opportunities for people to experience and learn about the environment in ways that improve their lives and the health of the planet. Check out their resources here! 

Creating tool kits & guides for successful land usage:  We all love to enjoy the outdoors, but it's important to recognize all the different ways public lands can be used & appreciated. Guides like this help recognize special use areas and what you need to utilize them best.

Developing initiatives to “green” the AORE Annual Conference: It's all about practicing what we preach. We select future conference venues based on their environmental stewardship activities. Read our aspiration green conference guidelines here. >> Join or login to learn more.

Developing resources to help members “green” their programs: Sure, we recycle and some of us compost, but what else can we do do conserve natural resources at our program headquarters and in the field? >> Join or login to learn more.

Assisting the AORE Board of Directors in developing AORE policy positions on public policy issues relating to the environment and environmental stewardship: There are some issues that cannot be ignored. AORE advocates on environmentally-related public policy issues that affect the operations of AORE member programs and other similarly situated recreation and education programs. >> Join or login to learn more.

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