Give the Gift of Membership

Introduce a friend, student, staff, or colleague with a gifted membership to AORE and show them there’s a place for them in an outdoor recreation and education career.  When you give the gift of an AORE membership, you‘re helping someone you care about build a platform for success. That‘s because AORE delivers access to the industry's most essential information, provides networking opportunities, offers career development tools, and provides discounts on conference registrations and other professional development programs. Through AORE they will engage, build networks, and learn how to advocate for themselves and outdoor recreation. Your gift recipient will enjoy AORE member benefits, and you’ll enjoy knowing your gift supports our work of helping those who facilitate outdoor recreation and education.

To get started select the membership type you’d like to gift, you can view the benefits for each level here. 

  • Supporter ($30): Individuals interested, working, and/or engaging in outdoor recreation and/or education and related industries.
  • Aspiring/Student Professional ($105): Aspiring professionals within the first three years of their career, as well as undergraduate and graduate students, interested in pursuing the profession of outdoor recreation and education.
  • Professional ($160): Professionals working in outdoor recreation and education or related fields. 

Please keep in mind when completing the online donation form:

  • You will enter the required information of your name and email address as the gift giver.
  • You will enter the gift recipients name and email address. This is required to ensure a membership is set up for them. 
  • Payment is charged at the time the online form is submitted.
  • Once your gift purchase is complete, AORE will set up your recipients membership and send them a welcome email notifying them of your gift.

If there are any discrepancies, an associate from AORE will reach out to you within seven to ten days.  
Please Note:

  • You will receive an email confirmation/receipt for your transaction(s).
  • The gift of AORE membership is intended for new members only. To purchase a membership for existing members, please reach out to Jenny Hill, AORE‘s Manager of Membership and Administration directly at
  • The gift is not eligible for an income tax deduction as a charitable donation.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How may I obtain a receipt for my gift of membership?
A: Once your gift application has been processed, you will receive an email notification that will serve as your receipt.

Q: When will the recipient receive confirmation of their gift of an AORE Membership?
A: Your gift recipient will receive an email notification within 3-5 business days after your gift has been processed.

Q: I gave the gift of membership, when will the recipients AORE membership end?
A: The AORE membership year starts on the date of purchase. If the gift recipient is joining on May 15, 2021, their membership is valid through May 15, 2022. 

Q: What are the payment options for the gift of AORE membership?
A: Payment options for a gift of membership currently include donating via bank account or by debit/credit cards.

Q: Is my gift of membership tax-deductible?
A: The gift of membership is not eligible for an income tax deduction as a charitable donation.

Q: Will AORE save or solicit my information after gifting an AORE membership?
A: No. AORE does not and will not use any of your information collected during this process for any solicitation.

For any additional questions, please send an email to