AORE Partners help endorse industry best practices, aid in the identification of industry issues and share initiatives, projects and sponsorship with the purpose of advancing the field of outdoor recreation and education. If you are interested in becoming an AORE Partner, please contact us.

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Why AORE Loves G Adventures: 28 years into its journey, G Adventures owner and founder Bruce Poon Tip is eager to see if he can replicate his company's social enterprise business model and spread happiness and success among other companies and communities at even greater scale. His 2017 acquisition of several iconic British travel brands was the first step in this direction, and work is being done now to expand the reach and social impact of "G Touring", as the group is now known. In the years to come, watch for G Adventures and its purpose-driven pros to sprinkle their magic dust throughout the tourism industry even further, changing lives and building community through travel, one traveler and one partner at a time. In Fall 2018, G Adventures launched a new travel style. “Wellness" is a collection of experiences that are focused on the mind, body and nourishing the soul. Designed to be slower pace, "Wellness" itineraries incorporate daily yoga practice, medication, cooking demonstrations with healthy organic fare, paddle board yoga, spa therapies and ample time in nature to just breathe.

Why AORE & G Adventures Work: Through a generous donation by G Adventures, the AORE and G Adventures Global University is intently aimed at the academic and experiential format of global outdoor learning to foster a community of experts within outdoor recreation and education. Through working within the outdoor education community, AORE and G Adventures seek to support the appreciation of our natural environment, raise the bar of practice and performance in the global programming development and enhance the profession of outdoor education and recreation through facilitated discussions on best practices, networking with industry leaders and industry experts in order to impart knowledge and inspire others while on a truly unique global adventure.

Why AORE Loves Marmot: In April 1971, University of California Santa Cruz students Eric Reynolds and Dave Huntley were in Alaska's Juneau Icefield on a school Glaciology project. It was there on a glacier that the idea of a Marmot Club began. The name 'Marmot' refers to a group of highly social, large ground squirrels that live in mountainous areas. To become a Marmot, you had to climb a glaciated peak with another Marmot. One of the rules of the club was that everyone was President. Most of the other rules dealt with a collegiate fascination for bodily functions. Throughout that summer and over the next two years, Eric and Dave also began making prototypes of down products in their dorm room. Their first products were a down vest, a sweater and a parka and, later, three down sleeping bags. The warmest bag, the PIKA (now known as the CWM) was rated at -45 degrees F. In the winter of 1973, Eric did an ascent of the Grand Teton in Wyoming with Tom Boyce of Grand Junction, Colorado. The following spring, Eric and Dave joined Tom in Grand Junction where they rented a 100 year old stone building near downtown and opened a rental and retail shop under the name of Marmot Mountain Works. They taught cross-country skiing in the winter to get by. Thus, in the spring of 1974, Marmot the company was born.

Why AORE & Marmot Work: As the premier organization dedicated to serving the needs of recreation and education professionals in non-profit settings, AORE members have a mechanism to interact with and affect decisions made by public land managers and the human powered outdoor recreation industry. AORE is committed to promoting ecologically sound stewardship of the natural environment and serves as a collective voice for its members regarding topics of regional and national concern. This program was developed to provide the industry partner community with opportunities to align itself with AORE through a comprehensive marketing platform. 

Why AORE Loves Osprey: In the late nineties, Osprey found itself in the position of many U.S. backpack brands. Sourcing was becoming more and more difficult with fabric mills in the southeast closing and in some cases going bankrupt. Fabrics and hardware for building backpacks were becoming widely available in Asia at a fraction of the cost. Many major brands had already shifted sourcing and production to Asia but we chose to maintain our facilities in Cortez - we had excellent talent and most importantly, founder and lead designer, Mike Pfotenhauer could directly interact with the production team – something that has given us an edge in our pack designs throughout the history of the company.

Why AORE & Osprey Work: The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) is an organization developed by and for a growing field of outdoor recreation and education professionals and students. Founded at the International Conference on Outdoor Recreation in 1993, AORE is a grassroots organization dedicated to advancing this tightknit community.

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