AORE Partners help endorse industry best practices, aid in the identification of industry issues and share initiatives, projects and sponsorship with the purpose of advancing the field of outdoor recreation and education. If you are interested in becoming an AORE Partner, please contact us.

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Why AORE Loves Osprey: In the late nineties, Osprey found itself in the position of many U.S. backpack brands. Sourcing was becoming more and more difficult with fabric mills in the southeast closing and in some cases going bankrupt. Fabrics and hardware for building backpacks were becoming widely available in Asia at a fraction of the cost. Many major brands had already shifted sourcing and production to Asia but we chose to maintain our facilities in Cortez - we had excellent talent and most importantly, founder and lead designer, Mike Pfotenhauer could directly interact with the production team – something that has given us an edge in our pack designs throughout the history of the company.

Why AORE & Osprey Work: The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) is an organization developed by and for a growing field of outdoor recreation and education professionals and students. Founded at the International Conference on Outdoor Recreation in 1993, AORE is a grassroots organization dedicated to advancing this tightknit community.

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