Governance of AORE

The AORE Annual Report celebrates all that AORE has accomplished in a specific year, why we do what we do, and the impact we have on the outdoor recreation and education community.

A series of three articles describes the association governance structure and updates that occurred in 2018.  

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2021 Annual Business Meeting

2021 Annual Business Meeting Minutes - Unapproved

2022 Annual Business Meeting

2022 Annual Business Meeting Minutes - Unapproved

Board Committees provide advice and recommendations to the AORE Board of Directors on matters relating to Financial Advisory, Governance, and Development. These committees are chaired by a current board member and report to the AORE Chair.

  • Financial Advisory Committee
  • Governance Committee
  • Development Committee
  • Membership Committee

AORE Staff Led Committees work toward providing the AORE membership with important opportunities, resources, and information relevant to the field of outdoor recreation and education. Committees communicate to and with the membership addressing common issues, providing solutions to problems and building community. Committees have standing and annual responsibilities that support the association's Strategic Framework. AORE committees are chaired by AORE volunteers and administered by AORE staff.

  • Access and Permitting
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Research and Publication
  • Recognition Committee
  • Professional Development Committee

If you're interested in being part of one of our committees, please SUBMIT our general association volunteer interest form.

Planning for our annual conference will be guided by a core Leadership Team made up of AORE staff and conference chairs. Conference chairs are responsible for managing the various action team leads. Action team leads (AORE members) each support a particular aspect of the conference and can build a working team of additional members to help them with conference tasks. Some of our Action Teams that work throughout the year on the conference are:

  • Auction Action Team
  • Awards Action Team
  • Career Development Action Team
  • Education & Research Action Team
  • Evaluation Action Team
  • Marketing Action Team
  • Photography/Videography Action Team
  • Social Action Team
  • Sustainability Action Team

Of course, once we are onsite at our conference, we have a plethora of volunteer opportunities we invite each attendee to consider! More details can be found on our Conference Volunteer page.

Governance Documents

AORE Bylaws

Association Governance Updates

Strategic Framework  [view feedback 11.2019]

Strategic Framework Visual

Strategic Plan 2015-2020


2022 Annual Business Meeting Minutes - Unapproved

Board Chair Report on 2019 Annual Business Meeting

Environmental Stewardship Statement