The Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education (AORE) is the premier organization dedicated to serving the needs of recreation and education professionals in non-profit settings. Through AORE, members have a mechanism to interact with and affect decisions made by public land managers and the human powered outdoor recreation industry. AORE is committed to promoting ecologically sound stewardship of the natural environment and serves as a collective voice for its members regarding topics of regional and national concern.

Member Demographics 
Updated 01.03.23

During member registration/renewal we ask members to update their profile.  Here is a snapshot of our member make up as they self identify in the following areas: Gender, Race/Ethnicity, Age Range, Years in the Profession, Audience Bucket and Decision Making Authority. View the document here. 


A vibrant community where everyone can connect to the outdoors.


Guided by our Strategy ofOccupying the intersection of the outdoor industry and outdoor recreation and education.
AORE Advances our mission ofEmpowering leaders to connect people to the outdoors through recreation and education experiences.
And seeksA vibrant community where everyone can connect to the outdoors.
By servingCurrent and aspiring outdoor recreation, education, and industry professionals and organizations
We work inThe United States
ThroughAdvocacy, Professional Development, Networking, and Career Advancement
We are funded throughEarned revenue from events and programs, membership dues, sponsorships, philanthropy, publications, and advertising.

Approved by Board of Directors on February 21, 2019


EducationThrough developmental opportunities and experiences, we empower individuals and groups to serve themselves and their communities with programs and services that are relevant and impactful.
InclusivenessWe welcome diversity, aim to be accessible and inclusive, and work to remove barriers to participation. We strive to be an organization that is reflective of the current and expanding community.
StewardshipIn all actions, we shepherd and safeguard our environment, our economy, our belongings, our name and each other.
ProfessionalismWe are committed to the pursuit of individual and organizational excellence. We strive to improve ourselves and are accountable as individuals so we can contribute toward benefiting the organization and the profession we serve.
AdvocacyWe exemplify and encourage healthy access to our natural resources for people of all abilities, backgrounds and cultural identities.
InnovationWe are a catalyst for new ideas, approaches and creative programming. We accept the risks that go along with innovating and see them as opportunities for deeper learning and ultimately greater outcomes and impact.
TransparencyWe are open and honest with ourselves and others, work with integrity, and are always willing to share best practices, lessons learned, our knowledge and skills, as well as discuss our strengths and weaknesses.

Approved by Board of Directors on February 21, 2019


AORE advances our mission of empowering leaders to connect people to the outdoor through recreation and education experiences.


AORE is an organization developed by and for outdoor recreation and education professionals and students. Prior to becoming an Association, AORE existed as a loosely knit group of professionals hosting conferences since 1984. Founded at the International Conference on Outdoor Recreation in 1993, AORE is a grass-roots organization dedicated to advancing the field of outdoor recreation and education. Read the full AORE History here.

Purpose: Under AORE's Articles of Incorporation, the Association is a non-for-profit corporation organized pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Reventue Code, and is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes relative to outdoor recreation and outdoor education, the preservation of the natural environment, addressing issues common to not-for-profit outdoor programs, and the transaction of all lawful business for which non-for-profit corporations may be organized pursuant to the Colorado Revised Nonprofit Corporation Act.

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