AORE connects members to high quality programs, tools, trainings, and certification opportunities in a wide range of learning formats, ensuring that current and aspiring professionals have access to the education and resources they need to be relevant in their current job and achieve their goals.

AORE's premier professional development program provides a powerful mechanism for outdoor programmers and educators to invest in leadership development and build core competencies, learn about innovations and best practices, exchange research, and broaden awareness of challenges and opportunities in the industry. The annual conference is intentionally hosted during the shoulder season to ensure those we serve are able to access the knowledge they need to be successful year-round. Industry professionals, aspiring and emerging professionals as well as students join us each fall for our conference, which delivers a hefty number of educational hours, including inspiring keynotes, robust panel discussions, interactive workshops, and a research symposium. [Learn More]

Each Spring AORE hosts a multi-day virtual inclusive outdoor recreation summit to provide attendees with a wider recognition of exclusionary practices within outdoor recreation and education and ot help them gain better understanding of how they can actively work to make change as leaders in the industry..  This Summit is designed for people who facilitate outdoor recreation and education programs.  if you guide, train or encourage people to get outdoors, this Summit is designed for you! [Learn More]

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Wilderness medicine courses are considered a baseline skill set for individuals who work in the outdoor industry.  Wilderness medicine training and certification programs offer current and aspiring professionals the knowledge to effectively support, evacuate, and provide care for patients in remote environments. While wilderness medicine is unregulated in the United States, there are several course providers and course curricula available.  

AORE members need access to training to acquire and maintain their certifications and we are excited to partner with a provider to offer professional and aspiring professional members a discounted course fee. Log in to the member's area to [Learn More].

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Boots. Climbing Gear. Raincoats. Warm Layers & More. AORE members require personal gear to perform their job.  To aid in this, AORE has worked to grant access to the brands that current and aspiring professional members need at discounted rates.  We are excited to work with several companies to provide eligible members the access they need to these discounts.  Log in to the Member’s Area to [Learn More].

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Through Global University, we curate an international outdoor learning expedition for a select number of individuals annually. We foster a diverse community of professionals who are committed to raising the bar of practice and performance within outdoor recreation and education. Participants are presented with opportunities for mentorship, networking, and engaging in facilitated discussions. The location of Global University is determined based on the goals for each experience, informing a tailored curriculum and accompanying itinerary of nature-based activities. [Learn More]

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Hosted by the AORE Professional Development Committee, the freshly revamped Mentorship Program is a 6 month professional development opportunity for individuals to learn and grow within the field of Outdoor Recreation and Education. Mentees are paired with mentors who they feel is a best fit for them and in a field that they hope to enter or grow within. By investing their time, mentors will contribute to the succession and sustainability of the profession. [Learn More]

AORE connects its members and partners to high quality and innovative professional development programs, tools, and trainings, ensuring that professionals have access to the education, resources, and emerging practices necessary to be successful.  [Learn More]

The Journal of Outdoor Recreation, Education and Leadership is the only peer-reviewed journal published in the United States with a specific focus on the areas of outdoor recreation, education and leadership.  This journal focuses on improving research and practice and reducing the disparity between the two in the represented disciplines.  [Learn More]

AORE promotes and partners on numerous industry events and trainings for members seeking specific certifications and credentials. We also deliver a variety of webinars and other online education throughout the year. Opportunities can be searched in our Event Calendar directly below. Additionally, we offer an exclusive online learning platform and accompanying video library, which members can access by logging into AORE's Member Portal.