AORE connects members to high quality programs, tools, trainings, and certification opportunities in a wide range of learning formats, ensuring that current and aspiring professionals have access to the education and resources they need to be relevant in their current job and achieve their goals.

AORE's premier professional development program provides a powerful mechanism for outdoor programmers and educators to invest in leadership development and build core competencies, learn about innovations and best practices, exchange research, and broaden awareness of challenges and opportunities in the industry. The annual conference is intentionally hosted during the shoulder season to ensure those we serve are able to access the knowledge they need to be successful year-round. Nearly 1,200 individuals will join us this fall for our next learning expedition, which will deliver more than 15 hours of education to attendees, including inspiring keynotes, robust panel discussions, interactive workshops, and a research symposium. [Learn More]

Through Global University, we curate an international outdoor learning expedition for a select number of individuals annually, thanks to the sponsorship and planning expertise of AORE365 partner, G Adventures. Together, we foster a diverse community of professionals who are committed to raising the bar of practice and performance within outdoor recreation and education. Participants are presented with opportunities for mentorship, networking, and engaging in facilitated discussions. The location of Global University iis determined based on the goals? for each experience, informing a tailored curriculum and accompanying itinerary of nature-based activities. [Learn More]

Our Emerging Outdoor Professionals (EOP) program provides a supportive environment for students and emerging professionals to interact with peers and learn from established leaders working in outdoor recreation and education. The two-year program is aimed at identifying inclusive and conservation-minded professionals that are new to their careers in outdoor recreation and education. Participants are mentored as they forge valuable connections, gain expertise, and understand how to better navigate the industry. Our program empowers participants to embrace their unique perspective and believe in their ability to succeed in outdoor leadership roles. The Emerging Outdoor Professionals program strives to uphold a space for invidiuals to take full advantage of the AORE network through a series of webinars, conference calls, online group discussions and in-person workshops and socials. [Learn More]

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Our women-centered professional development opportunities are designed to support members who identify as women, are interested in advancing within the profession, and wish to contribute their insights to AORE and the larger industry. AORE offers year-round webinars that offer both educational content and networking opportunties. In addition to webinars, we provide various opportunities for daily connections via our mobile app and we support the AORE mentorship program. Our programming is led by women in the association who share their own experiences as leaders, serving as role models and a sounding board. Through this rewarding relationship, participants test out new ideas, strengthen interpersonal skills, increase technical proficiency, troubleshoot barriers to career advancement, and build the confidence to pursue roles in outdoor leadership. Watch our EVENTS CALENDAR (linked here and also shown below) for upcoming webinars and program registration.

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The trend for orientation programs to use the outdoors as a space for bringing groups together increases each year. AORE provides a series of webinars, networking opportunities and face-to-face workshops throughout a calendar year that guide facilitators to establish and manage a successful orientation program leveraging outdoor spaces. This program, in part, was previously referred to as OOPS, or Outdoor Orientation Program Symposium.

Whether you are a program director, school administrator, student leader, researcher, or land manager, our programming is a place to discuss strategies for supporting leaders and attendees of orientation programs taking place in the outdoors. Through a series of events hosted throughout the year, members are able to connect with peers and experts in the field to share best practices, access new research, discover new program management strategies, and gather critical information designed to help established and aspiring programs reach their goals. [Learn More]

Professional Development - Mentorship Program - Section Header

Hosted by the AORE Professional Development Committee, the Mentorship Program is an exclusive member offering that focuses on the intersection of networking and professional development while encouraging deeper involvement within the association and the larger industryExperienced professionals are matched up with those who are looking to grow. Working one-on-one with a mentor, mentees identify personal and professional goals and create an action plan for achieving them. By investing their time, mentors will contribute to the succession and sustainability of the profession. 

Members' Only Link: Mentor Sign-Up Form

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Both forms are also available in the Members' Area after logging in.

AORE promotes and partners on numerous industry events and trainings for members seeking specific certifications and credentials. We also deliver a variety of webinars and other online education throughout the year. Opportunities can be searched in our Event Calendar directly below. Additionally, we offer an exclusive online learning platform and accompanying video library, which members can access by logging into AORE's Member Portal.



Webinar: Global University 2020 - Module 1 Trip Overview

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Emerging Outdoor Leaders Webinar | Transforming Youth Outdoors

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Webinar: Global University 2020 - Module 1 Trip Overview

Feb 20 2020 AORE and G-Adventures are excited to bring this experience together for 2020:
Women Exploring the Intersection of Wellbeing and Outdoor Adventure... Read More

REI Wilderness Safety Training with NOLS @ Chandler, AZ

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