Why Volunteer?

Consistent with the strategic framework of AORE, volunteers and staff are considered to be partners in implementing the organization's mission and programs.  Volunteers and staff have equal and complimentary roles to play.  Volunteers are key to AORE's success and its advancement of it's mission of empowering leaders to connect people to the outdoors through recreation and education experience. 

Volunteering can be a way to contribue and expand your skills, knowledge, and networks.  Volunteering allows you to make a lasting and meaningful impact.  Volunteers:

  • articulate AORE's value and advance the profession;
  • get access to training and development opportunities;
  • enhance their experience and resume;
  • strengthen their community and networks;
  • connect and network with other like minded people. 


  • A commitment to volunteer the time that is sufficient to make a difference.
  • A commitment to engage in purposeful conversation and the work to be accomplished. 
  • A commitment to the mission of AORE and to advancing outdoor recreation and education.

Volunteerism comes in different shapes and sizes.  AORE has some opportunities that can be accomplished through individuals, and other efforts that require group work.  Some opportunities include the need to engage thought leaders who are not practicing professionals but who bring unique expertise and perspective to advance our mission. 


Board of Directors (BOD)
The Board serves at the pleasure of the AORE members, and are elected by eligible voting members. Members of the Board have a legal duty to be loyal and to act responsibly and in the best interest of the Association of Outdoor Recreation and Education.  In addition, the Board does fundraising, sets the strategic direction and creates policy. [LEARN MORE]

Board Committees provide advice and recommendations to the AORE Board of Directors on matters relating to Development, Financial Advisory, Governance, and Nominating qualified candidates for the Board of Directors. These committees are chaired by a current board member and report to the AORE Chair.

Staff-Led Committees work toward providing the AORE membership with important opportunities, resources, and information relevant to the field of outdoor recreation and education. Committees communicate to and with the membership addressing common issues, providing solutions to problems and building community. Committees have standing and annual responsibilities that support the association's Strategic Framework. AORE committees are chaired by AORE volunteers and administered by AORE staff. [LEARN MORE]

AORE's Staff-Led Committees include Access and Permitting; Diversity, Equity and Inclusion; Environmental Stewardship; Professional Development; Recognition; and Research and Publications.

Volunteer opportunities include: Committee Chair/Co-Chair and Committee Member.

Please click the links above for position descriptions for committee volunteer opportunities.

Conference Action Teams
Interested volunteers from all over the country join forces to bring the AORE Annual Conference together each year. We are always looking for eager and passionate individuals who want to have a role in the largest event AORE offers each year.  From Auctions, Awards, Career Development, Education and Research to Marketing, Socials and Sustainability - we have a place for you!  Volunteer opportunities include: Conference Chair, Action Team Lead, Action Team Member and Onsite/Virtual Volunteers. [LEARN MORE

Task Force
Task forces are working groups composed of current association members in good standing or designated individuals committed to a specific, time-bound task assigned by the board of directors.  Task force members are selected on the demonstrated skills and expertise as defined in the specific task force position description.


The JOREL Advisory Board is comprised of members representing the AORE, the Wilderness Education Association (WEA), and the Western Kentucky Research Foundation. The purpose of this board is advisory in nature and will provide guidance and support to the editor-in-chief for the oversight of the journal.  The group makes leadership decisions pertaining to the selection and tenure of the editor(s). [LEARN MORE]

Am I Eligible to Volunteer?

Board of Directors9-11 (adjusts annually)Membership required for duration of termVaries; desired skills are identified to support the strategic framework
Staff-Led Committee5-25 membersMembership requiredVaries; committees strive to be diverse in membership makeup
Conference Action Team2-10 membersMembership requiredVaries; action teams strive to be diverse in membership makeup
Task Force5-7 members/forceBoth members and non-members are eligibleVaries; specific skills or perspectives defined in description

Current Open Positions

The following positions are currently vacant for 2021.  If you are interested or have any questions, please reach out to nationaloffice@aore.org

  • Co-Chair, Access & Permitting Committee

AORE Membership Focus Group

The AORE Membership Focus Group (AMFG) operates as a focus group to share specific feedback on potential member programs and services, communication initiatives, and other requests as needed. The AMFG will consist of members who represent the wide variety of segments of the AORE membership.   Unlike a standing committee or task force, the AMFG will not have regular calls or assignments.  All feedback requests will include an invitation with information about the request, relevant materials for review, specific questions to guide their feedback, estimated time commitment to complete the request, and due date for completion.  
AMFG members commit to a one-year term and may re-apply annually for additional terms. AMFG feedback will be compiled by National Office staff and used in consideration for decision making. [LEARN MORE]
AORE Membership Focus Group
Ideally 40-60 
Membership required for duration of term.  

Commit to respond to requests.
None required

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